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I started my business at the height of the Great Recession when most companies were slashing or eliminating their professional development budgets. My family and friends thought I was just a little bit crazy but my intuition told me that organizations would see the value in teaching people to be more resilient…and they would hire me to do it!

After several years of teaching the workshop I noticed several trends:

  • Most classes had a waiting list – we never seemed to be able to accommodate the demand.
  • I was constantly adding new stories, anecdotes and research – most classes were a half day or a full day and neither allowed me to cover all that I wanted to discuss.
  • I recommended at least a dozen books  to participants – none of them were written by me!

So, I drafted a quick outline, talked to a few friends who had authored professional development books and I found an agent that believed in my idea for a book about resilience. Luckily, my agent found a great publisher and I started writing with the following in mind:

  1. Make it easy to read.
  2. Base it in research.
  3. Share stories to demonstrate the science.
  4. Make it practical so that readers can benefit immediately.

Luckily, I have had a chance to talk to some bloggers and podcasters to discuss the book. Here is a small sample:

And, here is a quick word from Rener Gracie, the world’s ‘ambassador’ for jiu-jitsu on the value of resilience: