The DRH Group is focused on helping its clients achieve meaningful results. To do this, we give you a fresh perspective by asking provocative questions. We bring out the best and help our clients re-focus on what is important.

Our projects usually involve one or more of the following:


The DRH Group has a library of off-the-shelf workshops based on science but geared towards the work environment. Our most popular workshops are as follows:


Our team has decades of experience in helping you make decisions, facilitate group discussions, or drive to develop a strategy. Your team has the ideas, the experience, and the know-how. Our team helps discover your strengths and move you forward to realistic objectives.

Executive Coaching

The research shows that organizations are only as strong as their leaders. The DRH Group has developed a proprietary process for helping executives get the help they need. When you need objectivity the most, our coaches help remove any internal bias and provide executives with a one-on-one experience that is not possible with training. More…

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