A one-day seminar with the goal of bringing out the best in leaders by tapping what we know about positive psychology and the workplace.


  • Discuss the research behind positive approaches to leadership
  • Determine the benefits of a focus on intrinsic motivation
  • List the benefits of a positive approach
  • Identify situations where being ‘positive’ is not an effective choice for a leader
  • Create a plan for implementing elements of the model


  1. Understanding intrinsic motivation
  2. Developing a ‘flexible’ optimism
  3. Create positive relationships
  4. Increase curiosity
  5. Practice positive communication
  6. Focus on strengths
  7. Team planning (for intact teams only)

Who Should Attend

  • A senior leadership team attempting to implement a positive climate in their organization
  • Leaders, managers, and supervisors who would like to try a new approach to leadership
  • Individuals interested in moving into a leadership role

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