A one-day seminar that helps participants take the last 30 years of research in positive psychology and apply it to their work and professional lives. Content is delivered in a simple yet creative way to help participants create real change.


  • Discuss the research behind positive psychology
  • List the benefits of happiness and well being
  • Identify the science-backed elements of thriving people
  • Create a plan for implementing 2-4 behaviors to improve well being


  1. Increasing psychological flexibility
  2. Create positive relationships
  3. Find meaning and purpose
  4. Improve engagement
  5. Increase positivity ratio
  6. Team planning (for intact teams only)

Who Should Attend

  • Intact teams looking for a new, engaging way to tackle professional development and team development at once
  • Individuals interested in finding new ways to improve their own levels of resilience and well being
  • Individuals in search of a simple, science-backed methodology to fight stress and anxiety
  • Leaders who are searching for an interactive approach to bring out the best in their team and improve team cohesion

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